History Vol 1. (1995-2000)

     Thank you for stopping by and visiting the WaterWerks home page.  The club has been around since 1995.  When I moved to the Gulf Coast, I noticed that there were no "Import" clubs.  I had just recently bought my
Golf and wanted to join a club.  After looking around for a few months and realizing that the only clubs around were "American Muscle" clubs, I decided to start WaterWerks.  Now many people have asked me how I came up with the name WaterWerks.  I guess you could say that it just came to me one day.  I really don't know why, but the few people that started the club with me all liked it and it just stuck.

There have been allot of people come and go since I first started the club: Adam and his Black 92' VR6 Corrado SLC (moved to Nebraska).  Matt and his Green 97' VR6 Golf GTI (moved to Chicago), and John and his Red 86' Golf GL (moved to south Florida).  These are just a few of the original people who have come and gone, but I will always be grateful for their help and support. I would also like to thank Randy (parts) and David (maint) at Lee VW.  Without them, many of the cars in the club presently, and also in the past, would not be on the road today.

     In November of 2000 we started a new era with the club.  We gained our first official sponsor, Pete Moore Volkswagen in Pensacola Florida.  Just a few months later Lee Volkswagen in Ft. Walton Beach followed in the footsteps of Pete Moore.  These two outstanding dealerships stepped up and offered a great discount package to all "Active" WaterWerks members.  Some of the discounts are: 25% off on labor costs, 15% off on parts, and 10% off on Volkswagen accessories.  These are just some of the outstanding discounts you get for becoming an "Active" WaterWerks member! 

     I hope that if you are ever down this way and you are looking for something to do, you will consider stopping by a meeting and just saying hi.  If not for anything else to just sit and share your unique VW experiences with all of us. 

The future holds many great things in store for the club.  I can only hope that what ever it is, pokes its head above the horizon so that we can take advantage of it, whatever it might be.  We have the largest number of active members that we have ever had to this point.  I am very pleased with the club right now and things are only going to get better.

History Vol 2. (2000-Present)

     In the summer of 2002 WaterWerks expanded to it's first "out of region" chapter.  David Wilkins in Connecticut contacted us about starting a chapter in his local area.  After a few e-mail's and and the persistence of David, WaterWerks Connecticut was started.  Many thanks go out to David for all of his hard work and dedication on the website for the new chapter and also for spending the time to get everything up and running.   

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